Why is it important to buy from your local bakery?

One of the best places to buy bread and other pastries is in the local bakery rather than a grocery store. One of the main reasons is the special care that the local bakers usually give while baking their bread. Here are three more important reasons to shop at your local bakery rather than a grocery store.

  1. Access a variety of products

One of the main reasons it is important to shop at a local bakery is the fact that local bakeries often carry a variety of products. The reason for this; is that the larger grocery stores generally only offer the most popular items.

In other words, large grocery stores are usually just the best-selling inventory items. But, on the other side, if you move to a local bakery, you will see the bread loaves and cakes of various kinds that are rarely found in grocery stores. This often allows you to find hidden gems and expand horizons, while making baked goods.

  1. Get access to the superior product

Another reason for buying from a local bakery is that it will give you access to higher quality products as compared to a supermarket, or a larger departmental store. One reason is that the local bakeries usually make bread in the morning. It is very fresh and will not include preservatives, or chemicals like the bread you get from the grocery stores or department stores.

Therefore, bread and pastries from local bakeries usually taste better than products from the larger grocery stores.

  1. Support local businesses

Finally, it is better to buy from a local bakery, because it helps you support your local business. It is particularly important as the local businesses generally try to compete with some of the largest grocery and departmental stores spread across the country.

Choose your local bakery today in order to experience the variety of available products. It would be best if you consider shopping from a local bakery rather than a grocery store in order to access this variety of products, to enjoy quality products, and to support local businesses. Visit bakeries such as “Waberi Bakery.”

Why is it important to support local artisan bakers like “Waberi Bakery”?

The purchasing of hampers or kitchen goods offers more rewards to workers than jobs produced by mega-enterprises. If you buy from local artisans, you can change people’s lives too much.

In “Waberi Bakery,” we use grain-based flour to make a sourdough starter. Flours of barley, rye, and wheat work together, but bread flour performs well and offers the best starter. The fermentation of dough with the natural use of lactobacilli and yeast produces sourdough bread. Lactic acid from lactobacilli gave it a softer flavor and greater consistency of preservation.

Sourdough bread is also healthier to digest than the bread fermented with brewer’s yeast. Sourdough is a better alternative to common white or whole wheat bread. While it has similar nutrients, lower phytate levels mean that it is more digestible and nutritious. Prebiotics can help keep the digestive microbes satisfied, and it could be less likely to increase blood sugar levels. So, Sourdough products are best for our stomach and intestines as compared to mass-produced bread.

Who benefits from supporting local artisans?

Local businesses can earn profits for everybody. Instead of spending money to fund the CEOs of powerful companies that may be unfaithful to you and the community, you can support your neighbors and the local community. You spend money on products that are made or grown by local farmers, and artisans who will use them in the local community.

Local bakeries use essential oils and healthy products to make goods for the local market as you use in your houses. If you buy directly from that company, or from a business that comes from a home-based business, and local farmers, you do your job in order to support local families, and create a better community.

Five reasons to support local business

So, people like you will   even be more important to support the local farmers and artisans for five special reasons.

  1. Great Customer Service: Creating an organization of vendors and organizations who support families and communities can improve your experience. You are working with other people who care about you and your society, instead of doing business with a corporation.
  2. Reduce pressure on the environment: In general, small family enterprises and local farmers need less transportation, less infrastructure, and less pollution. We need to help these craftsmen in order to protect the atmosphere.
  3. Building a group: Purchasing presents from a nearby origins shop for friends or coworkers means creating a community. In general, small farmers and craft companies participate in the local economy.
  4. Better organic food: Local producers are typically a family-owned enterprise and do not rely too much on strategies, such as, chemical contaminants, genetic mutations, and conservation hormones. The best way to eat better and more tasteful food is to buy directly from producers to customers.
  5. Get a better business: The procurement of manufacturing baskets or art goods makes the project more profitable and sustainable than glorious enterprises construction. Buying and helping local artisans from everyone you know means making your life easier.


Buying from your local bakery is safe for your health and also gives you value for your money. Because in the local bakery, everything is prepared daily, and made fresh for use. In local bakers, unbleached flour, spray-free flour, and other ingredients are used by local farmers. “Waberi Bakery” used locally grown New Zeeland flour to make bread and other bakery items.

Every kind of flour that may or may not be processed may include unbleached flour. Unbleached flour is processed naturally after the end of the milling process. Natural aging takes considerably longer than the process of bleaching, which is why bleached flour has been made. Due to its distinct texture, unbleached flour is used in many recipes.

Artisan Unbleached Bread Flour is a high-quality flour that is milled from the New Zeeland flour produced locally. It is best for making baguettes, pizza crust, dinner rolls, sandwich loaves, and no-knead bread, salt-rising bread, pretzels, bagels, and more.